15inch macbooks hangs on boot whilst 13inch fine

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We have engineered an Apple deploy solution using DEP, MDM, Jamf etc.....
installing Sophos, JamfConnect office365 etc...

Works a treat on new machines and we tested it some older 13inch laps too.
however just found out it bricks 15inch laps so that they hang on boot up,
after filevault login process, before landing on desktop. Progress meter stops half way.

how to troubleshoot what it is ???
((guessing a kext triggering code path unique to 15inch boxes.))


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You could use verbose mode to see where it's hanging. You could also start it in safe mode if it is indeed a kext issue.

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We tried verbose mode, but issue happens after that.
we see lots of text fly past like a linux box, then screen goes to Apple logo with progress bar
and no more text, so verbose mode not helping diagnose.

it does boot into safe mode, so guessing this is a Sophos kext issue.
Going to try with removing Sophos from DEP build script.

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have you made sure your image is running the correct firmware version for the 15 inch MBP?