Best Practices for Updating Jamf Connect?

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Good morning!

I did a search and couldn't find my exact question, so feel free to point me in the right direction if you know of anything...

But I'm having an issue updating Jamf Connect in my environment. Because of the Launch Agent I'm running with it, it can't properly close and update and results in a very annoying, persistent pop-up asking to close the program that when followed, relaunches and pop-ups again until you restart the machine a few times.

I'm reaching out because there has to be a better way. What's the easiest solution to ensure Jamf Connect is updated and not being disruptive to our users?



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The launch agent won't stop the application from being closed. That just launches it on login. Its another function that prevents it from being closed.


Either way, you more or less have two options. You can put the package for Jamf Connect into a policy and deploy it, or you can use Jamfs Mac Apps Catalog and let Jamf maintain everything for you. The package will check the version of Jamf Connect, if it is older than what the package has it will close the app, update it, and relaunch. I have never had an issue with this workflow.

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Hi again,

So my apologies, the correct way of stating this issue is that when I'm prompted to Quit and Update Jamf Connect because of an update, it immediately launches again with no change to the version number, and the pop-up shows up again about 30 seconds later, repeat until infinity as long as you're logged in and using the machine.

The provided Launch Agent that comes with Jamf Connect relaunches the menu bar app when it's unexpectedly closed or prompted to do so by the user. I can link the documentation if you'd like, but it does not just launch on login.

Only work around that's worked so far is to restart the machine, which sometimes takes multiple cycles.

I was previously using Installomator to patch our applications but opted to change to the Jamf App Catalogue at your suggestion, but I'm finding the same issue with today's release of 2.36.1. Are you doing something differently than I?