Best way to integrate Jamfconnect Azure AD in Prestage?

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i've got JamfConnect working with Azure AD and I can deploy this manually to my users. No problems.

If I add the configuration policies and install the package at prestage the Mac gets to the standard MacOs user creation screen and then times out. Something is going wrong? Do I need to write a script for this to work in prestage?



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There is a race condition that is very common. The problem is that Setup is not waiting for the enrollment packages to finish installing before proceeding with setup. If you have limited the number of setup screens to a minimum and bypass user creation during setup, you are running in to a case where you get to the login window before JCL is completely installed.

Take a look at the script at this page: JamfConnect MetaPackage

I don't use the script directly, but took the portions after Jamf Connect installs. That will check the status and, if you are at the login window, will kill the login window and force it to reload using Jamf Connect.

What i did, it create a payload free package with my modified script as a post-install. I named the package in a way that it will install AFTER the regular Jamf Connect Package. I then added both packages to my PreStage Enrollment. That way I don't have to recreate the install package everytime Jamf updates Jamf Connect. I just replace the Jamf Connect package.

It does create a slight delay at the login screen where the user may see the regular login screen for a few seconds and then it restarts to the JCL screen.