Changing Okta Domains

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The company was purchased by another company. The new company didn't have Okta so I've been deploying Okta for them, but we still have the old Okta. We've been using Jamf Pro, Connect, Private Access and Protect at the old company for a while now. The problem is that I need to migrate Jamf Connect from the old Okta to the new Okta. The new company uses a different string for username. Old was firstInitLastName and the new is firstname.lastname.

Jamf Private Access seems pretty straight forward. Just reconnect it to the new Okta and they authenticate against the new Okta, same as the Jamf Pro for the admins and as I've been able to do with our other applications.


What's the best way to migrate all the Mac users from one Okta to another without users needing to recreate a new local user?


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You would need to update JAMF Connects configuration profiles for the new tenant, and reinstall JAMF Connect. JAMF Connect cannot be lifted from one tenant to another.


Since you are changing the userID, the users will need new Accounts. It is possible to change a user ID via script, however you risk breaking a lot of things even attempting to do this. Your best option is to let the users create new accounts, and building a work flow to give them their old data or make them back it up first.