Delays in Populating Config Profile


We populate Jamf Pro User and Location by running a script upon login to do a "jamf recon -endUsername $3". This populates the Username field in Jamf Pro which in turn causes Entra ID Cloud Identity Provider to populate the rest of the fields in User and Location (such Full Name, Email Address, Phone Number, etc).


We are using $EMAIL to populate the Configuration Profile for Outlook to auto-load the user's email address but we find that Jamf does not replace that variable in the Configuration Profile and it remains blank.


We suspect that it's because the Configuration Profile is deployed prior to the User and Location Email Address field is populated. Is there a way to "delay" the deployment of the profile? I know I can use Smart Groups for this but doing so will result in multiple groups that we need to maintain so looking at alternative ways to do it.


Any suggestions?