Jamf Connect Single user account

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Hey everyone!

Is it possible to restrict creation of more than one user accounts using Jamf Connect or restrict it only to an assign user in Jamf Pro?

What I did:

Enrolled a device, went through Setup Assistant, created an account with Jamf Connect, logged out and when I accidentally entered credentials of another user in Login Window, another user account was created on a computer alongside the one already existed (and hidden admin account).

What is the setting, that I need to change, so that it would not be possible to create another account?


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I am not aware of any settings to do what you are asking. Remember Jamf Connect does not have any direct connection to Jamf Pro, so it doesn't know what user is assigned to the computer. 

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Jamf Connect can be configured to only allow a single account to log in. If a second person logs in Jamf Connect gives them a prompt to enter the 1st persons credentials to sync this new login instance to that previous account effectively blocking the login.


To @Tribruin point, Jamf Connect does not call to Jamf Pro for anything and would have no way to limit access based on what Jamf Pro is doing. Jamf Connect can limit who can log in to a device depending on how your IDP is setup, we actually require users to have a specific AD group to log in to macOS for example.

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Sounds like something I am looking for. How can I configure Jamf Connect to allow only a single account on computer?