DEP Enrolments hanging (Stuck on Reticulating Splines)

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Hi all,

Has anyone had any experience in the past with devices hanging on the Jamf notify script?

When I'm trying to enrol a device via DEP, I can log in etc.. and then Jamf notify takes over to finish off the deployment task (Office, Chrome, AV etc..) but it never gets past the first Reticulating Splines message.

Has been working fine up until this point.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.




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Recalculating spines is the default status for DEPNotify and is usually only seen if DEPNotify does not find the depnotify.log file.

Can you confirm, are you trying to use the DEPNotify application or using the Notify mechanism of Jamf Connect Login? Are you sure you are creating/updating a depnotify.log while in the Notify mechanism with a script?

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We are using both DEPnotify and Jamf Connect notify to enrol our devices.

The above error is when trying to enrol devices using Jamf connect (with the notify script).

I've researched online and someone said to rebuild the Jamf connect PKG so I'm just trying that now.


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I am too getting same error Recalculating spines. I am using with NoMAD & was working fine till last weeks. I have tested on Big Sur 11.3 /11.4. 


Can i get some ideas to fix this please. 


I know it has been a while but just in case anyone bumps into this.

In addition to the above any package distributed with prestage needs to be signed by with a Mac Installer Distribution Certificate. Using an Apple Developer ID.

Once you get a Developer ID from Apple

This can be created by opening to xCode, Preferences >> Accounts >> Sign in with the appropriate developer ID.

Manage Certificates >> + >> Mac Installer Distribution

Now that cert should be available in composer to sign packages with.

Composer >> Preferences >> Build Flat Packages >> Sign With: You Should see one that looks like "3rd Party Mac Developer Installer <Name of Your Org> (<customer ID>)"

Always allow and auth that, you should be set to go.

*Note this creeps up on you as the certs expire in a year after the Developer program was paid for so keep that in mind

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I am having this exact same issue, has anyone figured this out yet?


I am only using Jamf Connect Notify, with a slightly modified copy of the script provided by Jamf in the Jamf Connect dosumentation.

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You do have to have the pkg signed in composer you can do that with composer preferences. 

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Signing the customization assets package: Packages installed at a prestage enrollment must be signed either with a developer certificate or a trusted certificate. Refer to to obtain a developer certificate or refer to to create a signing