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Jamf Connect macOS 14.2 Upgrade Requirement

Due to an unexpected issue (PI115107) with the upcoming release of macOS 14.2, all customers must update to Jamf Connect version 2.29.0. For Mac computers with macOS 14.2 or later and a version of Jamf Connect earlier than 2.29.0, all users who start...  View more

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What is Your Deployment Process?

Hi Everyone - Help. I am new to Jamf and for the past several weeks have been working on a zero-touch deployment for 120 Macbooks. Here is what I have: New Macbooks purchased directly from Apple in early September 2020. Macbooks entered into ASM (DEP...  View more

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Jamf Connect + Notify screen

Hi all, I'm currently working on setting up a deployment workflow that will allow us to send new, DEP enrolled computers directly to employees using a customized Jamf Connect 2.0.0 prestage. I've found that a script + Notify screen is useful for inst...  View more

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Problems With PreStage Enrollment, Jamf Connect

Hi everyone, Having problems creating local user accounts using Jamf Connect, SSO credentials as part of Setup Assistant. Workflow Expectations User powers on 'fresh' (either factory-new or wiped/reinstalled) laptop User selects country User connects...  View more

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Jamf Connect Login + Dep Notify

Hello, I use Jamf Connect Login, I would like the Dep notify window (https://gitlab.com/Mactroll/DEPNotify) to launch after login, a bit like the Notify Mechanism integrated in Jamf Connect. Only, unlike Notify, it only launches after the user's desk...  View more

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Active Directory Binding in the world of COVID-19

Hey all,So I'm sure there are bunch of ways to do this, however I've not explored this until now (and we are all working remotely). With new machines we get purchased we are thinking of sending them to the staff directly and having them set it up, bu...  View more

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Nomad Login and DEP

Has anyone had any success with what Neil Martin did in his talk or something similar?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FbA0Cx_LeSA In my testing the computer just hangs at the Please wait a moment part. If I take that part out of it I do get a branded...  View more

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Jamf connect login and more issue

Hi guys, I'm started to play with DEP+JCL and I have few issues1. I just can't skip the first user creation, I tried to manually create /var/db/.AppleSetupDone file with preinstall script but I still see this screen.2. The loginwindow config not work...  View more

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