Jamf Connect Menu Bar Actions

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Hi all.

I wonder if anybody of you have some nice additions to the Actions section for the Menu Bar item for Jamf Connect.
We currently expand this topic to our needs and I wonder what you guys might have configured there?



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Here is a sample of we are doing. Requires a lot of prep work though

Jamf connect actions

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Hi, I know it's an old post. Could you show me how you set up the Actions menu?

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@lawinski that looks very interesting.

Can you share some information how you got that information into place here as "refresh" and such?
How easy is it to extend the existing menu on the left hand site as you did that?

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Everything on the left hand side is already implemented in JC. "File Servers" for example can be configured with the help of this documentation.

The refresh button opens two URLs:

jamfconnect://update; jamfconnect://networkcheck

I needed a way to refresh the titles (inventory data) which can be handled via the jamfconnect://update. I added the networkcheck as well as it felt natural to refresh "everything"


 I forgot to mention this: 
The Endpoint Manager section is dynamic. It shows only a register button if the integration has not been set up and sends notifications. "Send inventory" and "Check compliance" are only visible when the registration already occurred. Its part of our onboarding process to register the Intune integration via JC as we do not use the Self Service :)

This is rad! How are you sending the jamf policy and jamf recon commands?

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I get how to set the actions based on this document:

But outside of manually installing the profile, they do not seem to be active when deploying via policy. 

I have uploaded the config and saved it. That part goes well. The profile is also in the profile's location in Sys Preferences. But no settings are active in the menu bar. Is there something I might be missing? Were you able to deploy in mass? 

I would also like to get your guidance on the Intune registration part. Not asking for all the answers but guidence.
thank you.

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Hey there,

sorry not particularly active here.

Some guidance on the Intune part:
I use a show action script that checks if the workplace join certificate is available like this:

/usr/bin/security find-certificate -a | /usr/bin/grep -q "MS-ORGANIZATION-ACCESS"
If it is not available a registration can be started via:
/usr/local/jamf/bin/jamfAAD registerWithIntune


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no worries. I am all good it took some time to figure this one out but my config profile had corruption and out-of-line dictionaries and keys. 

I have it all figured out. 

Thank you!