Jamf Connect User strange persistent login session

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Wondering if anyone else has seen this and if/how you fixed it. Here is what is happening.

  1. User "Fred" successfully logs in at the Jamf Connect dialog (Azure).
  2. User "Fred" logs out using the Apple menu.
  3. The expected Jamf Connect login dialog appears.
  4. Another user can log in using Jamf Connect.

However, if the computer is restarted:

  1. After restarting, the computer does not present the expected Jamf Connect login screen. Instead, it shows user "Fred" is logged in and the computer is locked (the same screen that you would see when unlocking a computer with the username already entered and unchangeable and the password dialog.) There is no option to log out, only shut down or restart.

  2. If you shut down or restart, the process starts over with the computer being locked as user "Fred". The only way to log in to another user account is to log in as "Fred", log out, and let another user login.

Jamf Connect 2.0 on Catalina 10.15.7.

Can anybody give me some ideas about what could be happening? Thanks in advance!!


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It sounds like you have FileVault2 enabled. When the computer the reboots the first screen you will see is the FileVault unlock screen. Only FileVault enabled users will be able to unlock the computer and proceed from this screen.

Once you authenticate at the FileVault screen, you should get the regular Jamf Connect login. (Yes, this means that a user will be required to enter their password multiple times.

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Brilliant - that was it. THANK YOU!!!!!!