Jamf Connect Login Okta Migrate local users

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Trying to force Jamf Connect Login to migrate local user that is already exist on the Mac to an Okta attached user that is not the same username.
When I login with my Okta user it's just asks to create a local password and then create the new user without prompting if I want to migrate one that is already there.
I have configured this plist which all other keys works but not the Migrate one, any ideas what I am missing?


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Never mind, went with the authchanger -reset -okta and that solved the issue.

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I also have the same issue. When i login to the mac after enrolling the user in jamf connect via okta, I am not asked to migrate the existing local account and a new profile is created instead.
My login plist is like this:

{UIDTool=, OIDCClientSecret=, OIDCROPGID=, DenyLocalExcluded=[], LocalFallback=true, MigrateUsersHide=[], HelpURL=, EnableFDE=true, LicenseFile=, OIDCIgnoreCookies=false, ScriptPath=, ROPGDiscoveryURL=, ROPGRedirectURI=, OIDCProvider=Azure, LocalHelpFile=, AllowNetworkSelection=true, AuthUIOIDCProvider=, OIDCAdminAttribute=, CreateSyncPasswords=true, AuthUIOIDCRedirectURI=, OIDCAccessClientID=, AuthUIOIDCClientID=, AuthUIOIDCTenant=, BackgroundImage=, OIDCIgnoreAdmin=false, OIDCTenant=, DemobilizeUsers=false, EnableFDERecoveryKeyPath=, Migrate=true, AuthServer=topia.okta.com, ROPGTenant=, LoginScreen=true, OIDCRedirectURI=, OIDCDiscoveryURL=, ROPGClientSecret=, DenyLocal=false, RightsTmpCache=false, OIDCAdminClientID=, OIDCNewPassword=false, LoginLogo=, OIDCSecondaryLoginClientID=, ROPGProvider=Custom, OIDCAdmin=, MessageOTPEntry=, EULAPath=, OIDCClientID=, CreateAdminUser=false, ScriptArgs=, OIDCAuthServer=, EULATitle=, EULASubTitle=, HelpURLLogo=, EnableFDERecoveryKey=false, CreateVerifyPasswords=false, EULAText=}

What was the solution for you exactly?