Jamf Connect Wifi Configuration Profile Behavior

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Wondering if anybody has seen this behavior with Jamf Connect.

Our Macbooks have a wifi configuration profile for 802.1x to connect to our internal wireless. The profile works as expected except in a specific scenario I've discovered while testing. Here is what is happening:

  1. The Macbook boots up and automatically connects to the internal wireless using the configuration profile with the 802.1x credentials. That is expected behavior.

  2. The Jamf Connect window is displayed and a user logs in (Macbook is connected to the internal wireless).

  3. The user logs out.

  4. The wifi is manually turned off using the wireless connection menu at the top right corner of the Jamf Connect window. I've done this to simulate the Macbook leaving campus and then coming back on campus.

  5. The wifi is manually turned back on but the Macbook does not reconnect to any wireless network. If you select the internal network, it asks for a username and password (which is in the config profile).

To log in, the user has to manually connect to the guest network -or- use the local login option. If the user logs in using the local login option, once they log in the wireless does not connect to anything and just shows the message "Wi-Fi: On" alternating with "Wi-Fi: Looking for networks) on the wireless menu. However, if you manually select the internal SSID, the connection is made successfully as expected.

If you restart the Macbook from the Jamf Connect screen, the issue goes away until the steps above starting at #4 are followed.

It's not that big of a deal to typical users but there will be some users who really struggle with this.

macOS 10.5.7
Jamf Connect 2.0

Thank you!