Jamf Connect with iPads - thoughts?

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Hey everyone -

I just wanted some feedback on Jamf Connect with iPads. I attended JNUC 2019 and the keynote concerning Jamf Connect intrigued me. Our biggest issue in deploying our devices is the bog on the network downloading all the apps during the setup process. As it sits right now, my team does the entire set up process. Currently, we are not authenticating our iPads with Jamf users, however, we would like to start. Jamf Connect seems like we can sync it with our Google Directory. This being said, in a dream scenario, my team could essentially, hand a student an iPad right out of the box, have them log in with their Google credentials, then go to Jamf connect, log in again, and all their apps would be there? Is that correct? Any advice or tips you have using Jamf Connect with iPads would be helpful.