Jamf Connect with User-Based RADIUS PEAP-EAP MSCHAPv2 authentication

New Contributor

Our university uses PEAP-EAP WiFi authentication that is user-based (RADIUS). Our machines are not bound to AD, and we are unable to make changes to the WiFi’s security settings.

The settings are very similar to Eduroam (also available on our campus), if you are familiar with that. We have followed https://community.jamf.com/t5/jamf-connect/jamf-connect-with-802-1x-wireless-network-pre-login/m-p/2... but we are unable to do this with the Jamf Connect login window.

The goal here is to allow devices to connect to WiFi with their credentials so that new users can sign in for the first time using the Jamf Connect Login window. (Similar to how the same works in Windows; use credentials to connect to wifi, then login with username/password at the login screen.)



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Configure the ADCS Connector to deploy pki certificates to your fleet. Then make a wireless profile that uses the certificate to connect to the network.