No password policy notice on expiration



I rencently upgraded my lab evironment to Jamf Connect 2.0+ and I'm having a concerning problem.

We have an Active Directory that provides Okta, our IDP, the users.
The we use Okta to authenticate through Connect.

Though, whenever a password expires, the user is prompted to reset it.
When doing this reset through the login window, there's no way to display the Password policy, whether it is from this AD or Okta, I couldn't find a key to allow a custom text either.

The main problem is that if the policy is not respected when trying to validate, il will start loading like it is processing the change. But then this never ends, it looks frozen on this. Still you can click shut down or go back if you try.

But user won't understand what's wrong.

Does anyone have ever encountered this problem ? Is there a workaround ?