Introducing Jamf Software Simulations for Onboarding and Continuing Education

Community Manager
Community Manager

Everyone learns differently, and at Jamf we want to meet you where you are. This may mean comprehensive written documentation. It may take the form of multimedia content like videos or podcasts. One of the best ways to practice a tool is to use it – navigate the interface, explore objects, discover new features, make mistakes, and learn from the experience. That’s why we’re offering new opportunities to train with our products in the form of software simulations.


We want to provide realistic and meaningful learning experiences for new and seasoned users. Software simulations allow you to familiarize yourself with the interface, objects, and workflows without the worry of compromising your own server. In a simulated environment, we can provide guidance and tooltips. If you lose your way, we can help get you back on track. You’re in the virtual driver’s seat, and in a safe environment to practice before returning to manage your own fleet.


At the Jamf Nation User Conference (JNUC) 2022, we offered 5 simulations to accompany the interactive labs hosted by Jamfs. These allowed attendees to experience new products, features, and workflows uniquely tailored to those topics. With up to 100 unique panes per simulation, users were able to click through the interface, input text, express logic, and receive feedback on their performance. These simulations and their accompanying are still available:


  • Bring Lost Sheep Back to the Flock
    • Learn how to bring computers back under management using the Jamf Pro API, and use Jamf App Installers to ensure they're kept up to date. The full session may be found here.
  • Get Started with Network Threat Prevention
    • Take steps to get Network Threat Prevention set up on your devices, and tweak your policies to start making the most of our reporting features via the RADAR console. The full session may be found here.
  • Jamf School
    • Configure Jamf School for all Apple operating systems, set up device groups, enable apps, and set up apps for classroom management. The full session may be found here.
  • Simplify Your Network Stack with Jamf Trust
    • Take a tour of RADAR, Jamf’s network security portal. Learn how to set up policies, explore the many reporting features available to ensure devices are secure and walk through the end-user experience with Jamf Trust. The full session may be found here.
  • Single Login
    • Learn how the Microsoft Azure plugin for Apple allows for SSO for iOS Device using Jamf Setup and Reset. The full session may be found here.


If you’ve engaged with Jamf’s training content before, or attended a prior JNUC, you’ve likely run across our simulated content in the past. This year, we’ve expanded the scope and sophistication of these simulations to provide the most authentic Jamf product experience yet.


With the amazing reception at JNUC, the future of simulations is bright. Simulations allow us to provide you a friendly and reliable option to experience products without the overhead of specialized hardware and unconventional server infrastructure. Expect more of these simulations to make their way into the content you’re used to in the Jamf Online Training Catalog, the Jamf 100 Course, and our YouTube channel.


Thank you to everyone at JNUC who helped us pilot this content. We’re thrilled to offer another training modality to get you and your colleagues acquainted with Jamf. Please check out our Jamf Training and Support YouTube channel for free learning content, announcements, and frequent updates. Expect the addition of simulations to your favorite content, as well as fresh offerings in 2023. If you’re a Jamf customer of any products and haven’t already, check out the Jamf Online Training Catalog, which already hosts a number of the excellent simulations. Thank you!


-Jamf Customer Education