Activation locks

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I was wondering if anyone knows of a way to prevent users from Turning on the Activation lock feature on their Macbooks. I understand that its basically just checking an option if the devices are enrolled via DEP but unfortunately all our macs are manually enrolled. I cant find any information on how to do this on JAMF forums.


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Sounds like you've already reviewed Leveraging Apple’s Activation Lock Feature with Jamf Pro.

You may want to open a case with Jamf Support; you're welcome to reference my case: JAMF-1000292.

[Jamf Support Agent] confirmed that [Activation Lock bypass code] will not escrow the keys automatically if Activation Lock was enabled prior to enrolling in your 10.20+ instance, or if they were enabled prior to upgrading your instance to Jamf Pro. One way we can force escrow of these keys into Jamf Pro is by disabling then re-enabling Activation Lock and the keys should show under the security tab of the computer record.