Anyone else that still doesn't see Apple Business Manager new Terms and Conditions?

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We saw the alert in JAMF a while back to sign into ABM and accept the new Terms and Conditions or we'd have our Auto-enrollment/DEP break and wouldn't be able to push new apps. We signed into ABM and are NOT being presented a new T&C prompt. When we click on the link to T&C, it references the last ones, not anything released in June.

We then noticed our our Auto-enrollment DID break and the only way to fix it was to go through the public key and token process again. The symptoms and timing make it seem like this broke because we haven't signed the new T&C but we they simply aren't available for us to sign.

Is anyone else in a similar situation?



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are you sure the account you are logged in with is the admin on ABM? they never appear for me, I always have to get someone from another internal IT team to accept it for me. I only have the "functional admin rights" like adding machines, content and users, but I am not an actual admin account

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Is anyone still seeing "Apple’s Terms and Conditions have been updated. The updated agreement must be accepted to sync information with Apple School Manager. See your Apple School Manager instance to accept the updated agreement." after accepting the conditions in Apple School Manager and completing a force sync?

I did another force sync over an hour after the agreement was accepted and that got rid of the warning and notification.