Independent Consultant Using Jamf Now


Hey guys!

I am a recently unemployed IT professional (as of last Friday) contemplating setting out to become an independent consultant focusing on Apple devices in the workplace. If I were to come across small organizations that wanted to use Apple devices, could I market myself as such and use JAMF Now to manage their environment? I ask because JAMF Now is marketed for those who do not know much about IT or do not have the budget for an IT person/department. I'm also wondering if JAMF Now is a little too simple for the layperson to figure out, thus not needing to hire someone like myself.




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My 2 cents...
I would think you would use JAMF Now or JAMF Pro depending on the client organisations requirements.
JAMF Now as far as I know doesn't do:
Self Service
Self Packaged Apps

For any reasonably sized organisation the last one especially is going to be an issue (basically if it's big enough that walking around installing something on every machine is a pain), but I would argue the rest are to. But even small organisations suitable for JAMF Now would probably have some call for at least startup/setup assistance.