Issue with locked iPhone 6 on MDM without internet connectivity

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Hi all,

We have a iPhone 6 on MDM, which currently has no connection to the internet (no sim card, and no wifi set-up) and where the passcode is unknown. This iPhone also happens to be in a different country to the system administrator who has access to jamf and has added the device to MDM.

My question is, are there any options for us to get this phone to connect somehow so that we can manage its passcode? Two options that we've brainstormed is a) insert an unlocked sim-card with data connectivity b) ask the user to wipe and restore the phone completely and set a new passcode (is that even possible?).

Does anyone have experience with this?

Any help is much appreciated!!!



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I would go with option b if the user is available. Failing that, option a.

You can get iOS devices to connect to a WiFi network called "Apple Store" during the setup assistant, but I don't think it would connect if the device was already setup.

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Use a Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter and an USB ethernet adapter.
Connect them to the phone and you will have connection to the internet.

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Agree with ibrahimk. That is what we do.

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I also concur with ibrahimk. It's saved my butt on more than one Wi-Fi only iPad mini back in the day. :-)