jamf now plus app upload doesn't upload my adobe creative cloud package

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we have the team-version of adobe creative cloud, I created in the adobe admin-interface a new package - the only included app is the adobe creative cloud app. all of our colleagues have admin-rights, so we only want to preinstall the creative cloud app, so they only need to login with their username and password and can install what they want.

the point is, the adobe cc-installer has 433mb, if I go in jamf now to "add an app" -> "upload your app" -> locate the pkg on my hard drive and click on "choose" - nothing happens, I simply see again the "upload your app"-page.

I dont' get any error messages, I tried it with safari and google chrome.

I already uploaded without problems the packages from: adobe reader, teamviewer, konica print driver, etc.

only the adobe cc package doesn't work.

so I would like to ask, if someone had also this problem and if yes, how to solve it.

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Same problem for me, i can´t upload an Adobe Photoshop pkg which was created by adobe and has a size over 3GB.
Nothing happens

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I have the same problem. It does work with other packages.

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Has anyone had any luck with this? The .pkg is completely ignored when you drag and drop or select the file.