Self Service App must be associated with a Jamf Pro Server


We're using Jamf Now for an acquisition business (already use Jamf Pro). We've just enable Volume Purchasing in Jamf Now and started to populate with Apps purchased through ABM. However when launching Self Service on a test iPhone enrolled into Jamf Now we get the message:

"Welcome to Self Service
Self Service is a component of Jamf Pro, developed by Jamf. This app must be associated with a Jamf ProServer.
Contact your IT administrator for more information"


Specifically referencing Jamf Pro. Now, we've seen this error before in Jamf Pro (think it started on V 11.1) and we use an App Configuration to fix this, but there is no option to create an App Configuration in Jamf Now, as well as there being no URL to place into the string for the App Configuration. Anyone know what the fix is here?


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Is the Jamf Pro MDM Profile on the device?


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Go to JAMF Pro Server -> Devices -> Mobile Devices Apps

Find and open your Self-service app in the list then click App Configuration Tab and paste below


Yeh we're using Jamf Now... which doesn't have that option. But we're fine with it for now... it's a very small acquisition that we can handle without an iOS Self Service App.