Where are the Jamf 200 courses for 2018 in San Francisco?

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One of the quickest JAMF courses to fill up in 2017 seemed to be the JAMF 200 in San Francisco. So looking at 2018, what do I notice? No offerings for the 200 course in SF. And the courses in Cupertino are full until late March. ( I know boo-hoo)

As much as I love to commute to Cupertino for 4 days, I'm hoping JAMF comes their senses and offers additional SF courses which would better serve those of us on SF/East-North Bay.


What say you JAMF?



Here are a list of where the 200 Courses for Winter/Spring 2019, they should come out with a Summer/Fall schedule sometime. I just had the same course in December. How ever, I don't know if there are any in San Fran, if not you may want to request it if there is enough demand for it.

JAMF 200 Winter/Spring 2019 Courses

I guess I misunderstood what you were asking...Sorry....

Have a great day!

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@vickih Where are the St. Louis courses?

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