10.13.x Content Caching - Config Profile Control

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Has anyone figured out whether it is possible to control 10.13.x built in Content Caching granular settings via Configuration Profile? I put together a custom profile with the keys that I want set by default, however, the Caching functionality is not respecting these at startup.

All of the docs from Apple say to use "defaults write" to manage the settings, which is honestly a step backward (no big surprise).




I've submitted feedback for Apple to implement this, but it is not yet possible.

It would be nice to create a fully endorsed Config Profile to control alerts for the service, storage used, other "advanced" options too.

With a handful of wired Mac Pros and iMacs it'd be nice to give up 20GB of a handful of drives to caching!

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Content Caching setup via profile was implemented in Profile Manager in server 5.6. I am not seeing this in the 10.3 release of JAMF Pro or the 10.4 beta

Anyone have any ideas?

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My Apple SE stated that starting in 10.13.4, Content Caching was going to be implemented in Profile Manager. Not sure if JAMF has this built in yet.

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@bpavlov , upvoted. Thanks!!!

So much for "Zero Day support".....