16.13.184.. is that a thing?

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I was attempting to identify systems who have not received the 16.13.184 update in one of my environments (we have auto update/install enabled), but Patch Reporting is still not updated with the 16.13.184 update. It was released on Dec 7. I am not familiar with the update cycle of Patch Reporting data, has anyone seen (critical) issues with this version?



Hello @srobadelic !

We're currently testing the latest version of Skype for Business and anticipate it being released soon.

This update is taking a little longer due to testing a fix to the Skype for Business apps that must quit information. Essentially users were never prompted to quit Skype for Business before installing the application itself. This has been fixed now.

Thank you!


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This underlies the need for admins to be able to modify patch reporting data if they desire, even if that would remove the shiny "verified by Jamf" badge. For example, Photoshop 18.1.2 was released nearly a month ago and is still missing from the patch reporting data (even though 19.0.1, which was released concurrently, is listed).