802.1X service could not be updated

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I created a new profile called "802.1x Wired Network Profile" in Jamf > macOS Configuration Profiles.
When applying to machines by adding machines in Scope of this profile, I can see all machines shown as "Completed" in profiles listing summary for this profile. When I navigate to Jamf > Machines > specific machine that was in scope, I see Failed Commands:
Install Configuration Profile - Profile no longer exists - The 'Wi-Fi Network' payload could not be installed. The 802.1X service could not be updated.
I cannot see the new profile installed on the actual Mac Sierra where jamf agent is installed, after running sudo jamf manage -verbose

If I download the profile .mobileconfig from jamf page to usb I can install the profile OK on the Mac Sierra machine.

I cannot work out what is wrong .. Can anyone help?


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Noticed on a user's Mac with this same issue that his Login keychain was unable to save or delete passwords, it was giving strange errors.
Deleted ~/Library/Keychains/, rebooted, and the issue got resolved
Was able to install the 802.1X profile