9.65 upgrade on Windows

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Does the 9.65 upgrade work on windows or are there issues to be aware of ?


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For our clients we're holding off on 9.65 until some of the snags have been addressed. We've done a bunch of upgrades to 9.63 & 4, I can't say that we've had one that has gone perfectly.

Common issues are the JSS installer getting halfway through, failing and leaving your JSS in an unusable state.

Another problem we've seen is the database upgrade process failing. Specifically failing to rename or delete legacy tables. We've had to go in and clear out old tables before the JSS will start up again.

My advice would be to test the upgrade in a test environment and to have the JAMF support number to hand just in case it explodes. They've been able to help us through some of the trickier upgrades.

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We upgraded from 9.63 to 9.64 to 9.65 with no issues on the installer side. We have never really had issues with the installers not working properly in three years, knock on wood. The bugs that pop up with each new release is a different story.


We have updated from 9.63 to 9.65. The only thing I did differently, was stop Tomcat before running the update and making sure it is running after. Seems to work well. Just be patient...sometimes it takes a bit to complete the install.

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Ensuring Tomcat is stopped and make sure your on demand scanner is off on AV has resolved most of my issues in upgrading on a windows VM.

I do run a test VM for several weeks before upgrading however.

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In addition to the above responses, we also have a KB on JAMF Nation that you might find helpful for upgrading a JSS in a Windows environment: Upgrading a JSS Hosted on Windows

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Thanks for the advice