DEP - Devices Purchased Before Signup

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Simple question but yet to find the answer! Once enrolled with DEP will existing purchases on the account be visible (it says about going back to Mar 2011) or only new purchases made from the date DEP was configured?



Existing purchases are there and can be assigned to Casper.

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Thanks, must be something wrong with ours as it has been up and running for a week but still no signs of any devices or orders when logged into the DEP...

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When we were testing this we had to add the serial numbers for legacy devices manually. As long as they were purchased under the correct Apple or reseller account number that is tied to DEP it should work ok.


Put in a ticket to Apple Enterprise with those serial numbers so they are aware of it. We've been working with them on a few devices like that. What happened with some of them is that when we purchased it, the purchase became archived in Apple's systems so they have to unarchive that purchase on your Sold-To account so it can be active.

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There is also an option to add via order numbers. When you start to put in an order number one of the items in the drop down menu is all available. This is the option we used to add all of our previously purchased devices.

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Going from the various questioned asked oft he Apple guy at a recent DEP presentation I attended...
As @don.cochran said, you can add them via order number if your retailer can make these available, serial numbers should also work.
If my understanding of the process is correct adding any device is dependent on the retailer your bought it from having it correctly recorded against your organisation, so if you have devices that won't show up you may need to confirm with that this is the case.