Ability to lock down AirPlay by MAC address?

New Contributor

First off, I'm a Windows Sys Admin, and we're rolling out Macs and using jamf. Love the software, and love the OS, and realize you can't compare and lock things down the same, but still trying to secure our environment with how I and upper management want to do things. I'm basically down to AirDrop as the last piece before rolling everything out. How can I best lock down AirDrop? We have some users who want to AirDrop from device to device, which I want to allow, but only between company devices. I was thinking of locking down by MAC address, but wondering how I could do that, or if there's a better way? Not really seeing any way to lock down AirDrop besides all on, all off, or via Apple ID. Would love any advice on how to do this, or a better way in general.