Acrobat and activation

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Hello Everyone,

We have been using Adobe's RUM (Remote Update Manager) successfully to update the 2019 Adobe Creative Cloud. There is one exception though, this is Acrobat.

Apparently, until Acrobat is launched on a computer and activated by a user, it isn't listed as a registered product to be updated using RUM.

Does anyone know of a way to activate it using a command line or perhaps a defaults write command? Adobe tells me there is a new version on the horizon that this won't be an issue in the future.

The problem now is, we are going to have faculty who will discover something new about Adobe Acrobat for their curriculum that isn't available now until it is updated. When Acrobat is going to be needed, this will create a panic about it not being updated.

I'd like to be a bit proactive and find a way to do this for nearly 800 computers.

Thank you for your replies.


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I ran into this with Adobe CC 2018. When I read this link:, it says RUM supports Acrobat and Reader updates, but I had to install ARMDC Agent 1.0.16.

Once I updated the ARMDC, I also updated my Macs to RUM

From there, I ran the command: remoteupdatemanager --productVersions=APRO. Sometimes it's glitchy and doesn't see there is an update, but eventually, after a restart (or a little time), it registers there is an update available.