Admin User Logs

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Hi there, 

is there a way to check the logs of a admin user in jamf pro portal to identify what they have done on the portal. We have few members who has access to the portal buy i cant see any way of pulling a report of what that user has done.

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erm.. Change Management logs ?  ...not that they tell you that much... 

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JAMF? Logs? In the same sentence? Unfortunately no, JAMFs access and audit logging is an absolute joke. You also cannot force users to put notes in when they make changes. We struggle with this a lot ourselves.

  • Change Management Logs have some stuff, but its not a lot and stores to the JAMF Server so if you are cloud good luck. You can redirect these logs.

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@sanjaymani If you are Jamf Cloud hosted, and add the Jamf Premium Cloud option (, you can have the Change Management logs re-directed to an S3 bucket or a Splunk endpoint for examining the data.