Adobe Creative Cloud 2018 -- Machine / Named-User License Woes

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Just checking in to see how some mac admins are managing with allowing users to sign into the Adobe CC Desktop app to utilize "named-user" applications (i.e. Adobe XD). I haven't ran into this issue until I've updated the Adobe CC pkg to include Adobe XD. If a user signs into the Adobe CC Desktop app, uses Adobe XD in my case, Adobe CC loses its machine-assigned license and asks the next user who signs into the mac to sign back into the Adobe CC Desktop app with the previous Adobe ID's e-mail.

I created a pkg with Adobe's relicense utility and set a policy to run it on login/ logout. However, it's been hit or miss. Sometimes I need to run the pkg again (through Self Service) in order for the relicensing to stick. This may just be a delay that I need to incorporate into the pkg before actually running the activation.

I guess my question is, is this the ideal workaround to resolve the loss of the machine-assigned license when a user signs into the Adobe CC Desktop app? I'm open to suggestions. I can't think of any other solution other than not including the Adobe CC Desktop app. Though, this won't work since some of users use TypeKit.

This mac along with others are utilized in a student lab. So, multiple students could be using the same machine throughout the day. Anyone know of a script to log out of the Adobe CC Desktop app on logout automatically?



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Interesting.. I hade the same experience as you, but just 2-3 weeks ago I tested it again, that is, adding an Adobe XD install to an existing Adobe CC 2018 install and to my surprise it does not seem to screw up the licensing, which it did before.

So I'm a happy camper.

If it matters, I do use DeepFreeze on these machines, which could affect it, but as I remember just starting a Named user app before would totally screw up the licensing without having to reboot for it to happen.


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We don't use DeepFreeze on our computers. I ended up not including the Adobe XD application as part of the initial CC package. That seems to have "fixed" the licensing issue we ran into. All is good for now. I do have the relicense utility available in Self Service just in case it pops up mid semester.

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I just recently became aware of this issue on our campus and implemented installing the license on each login. In limited testing it seems to be working fine to work around this stupid issue. I've heard of some packaging the free version of XD alongside the CC version and deploying it. It still prompts for an ID but a free Adobe ID works and it apparently doesn't break the licensing. I've not tested this so I can't confirm.

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We're looking to switch over to named-user licensing. Wondering how it's still going for you folks.