Adobe Flash distribution change?

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Many months ago when Adobe made it so we had to apply for access to a website to download full Flash Player install packages to redistribute to our users, I applied and got approved and I've been using the URL they sent me ever since. This morning I saw there's a new Flash version so I tried to download it but the URL I've been using redirected me to a site where I had to re-apply for access. Did this happen to anyone else?


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After many attempts, I was never able to get access to the pkg from adobe's distribution channel. Ive been using this as a workaround. Hope this helps.

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If I'm not mistaken, Adobe had mentioned at some point that they were changing thing and were going to require re-applying periodically for a distribution license. Its possible the license you had is now expired and you need to apply again. Though I would think you should get an email about that from Adobe before it actually expired.


I'm seeing issues today as well. My license is fairly new, nowhere near 1-year-old.

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Just to be sure I re-applied for the distribution license today. It was approved but the download links are still dead.

Thanks @agetz for the alternate link.


Ugh, Adobe! Flash is just about to die why do they need to put a chokehold on distribution when all we want is an update for their security hole ridden POS...

Anyway... so when you apply it should be in the email, you go here:

Then it asks for a login, the link for Flash is:

However this must work by session cookie as that URL does not work if you try via curl or after restarting browser... even pasting it in doesn't work (it takes you to the distirbution5.html), it will download if you paste in URL field and press Option-Return (and provided you have authenticated)

Yeah, I was totally using but that seems to have finally bit the dust... their older scheme was sending you an long "Adobe Distribution Auth Token" as I called it, you could curl that down and it then had unique links for your Auth token... it was scriptable... now it is not AFAIK.

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I think they also killed the FTP site from where I downloaded the full installers for Adobe Reader. no longer connects for me.


@AVmcclint I can still access the Adobe Reader FTP:

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here's acrobat dc, too

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crap. OK. it must be our proxy or firewall blocking it here.


Of course... just check @rtrouton 's GitHub for teh secret l33t URL!"$flash_version"/install_flash_player_osx.dmg

Adobe you mf'ers...

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@brunerd wrote:

Adobe you mf'ers...

I wonder how much Adobe is paying CNN (etc.) to not move to HTML5. #askingForAFriend

This is the direct download to the latest version: