Alternatives for Package Building with JAMF Pro?

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We used to use JAMF Composer to be able to deploy files to our Macs using package files. For example, I have our JAMF Connect login screen and icon deployed to our machines using a package I built in Composer installed at enrollment by JAMF Pro. For some reason, my JAMF Composer stopped working, even after a reinstall. Therefore, I am looking for an alternative for package building where you can add and remove files from a package. Any suggestions? Thank you! 


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@jmantheitguy Go back to the Jamf Pro 11.4.0 tools, Composer 11.4.1 is borked.

Thank you!  This is the solution, let's hope it get's resolved in the next version.

I just noticed this today.  I didn't think of rolling back.  I'll do that.
I was looking around for a note about this and I'm glad I found this post.


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The command-line pkgbuild utility is great for simple tasks; Packages is an option for more complex deployments.

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My coworker uses Visual Studio Code and munkipkg. VSCode gives a good visual area to track the components and edit scripts used in pkgs, and when he's ready he can just build from the included CLI with the munkipkg binary. Then just upload the resulting pkg.

I still use Composer out of habit, and the latest is indeed borked. Ugh.