[ANN] Recce - Jamf PC & Other OS's Recon.exe Replacement

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Here is our open source release of Recce, which is a replacement for PC Recon.exe and can be updated to support other OS's like macOS and Linux distributions. We are interested in help support other OS's and other fixes for the Windows functionality, please file pull requests.

Early on we decided to use JAMF to track our PC's as well manage our MacOS and iOS devices. We continued using recon.exe after it was deprecated, but as the writing was on the wall (and the release notes), another solution would be needed. I leveraged the experience I gained from writing Tugboat and Cargo Ship to develop Recce, a recon.exe replacement.

Recce duplicates much of the original recon.exe binary and uses JAMF's REST API to upload the inventory information. Using JAMF's API is a safe and reliable way to read and write data to your JAMF instance.

See the following Github repository to view documentation and code.


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awesome! im about to try this out

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@hdsreid Did you get a chance to try out Recce? If so, any feedback?