Another adobe CCP bug?

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Hello Fellow Casper and Adobe CCP admins,

Today I think I discovered something strange and I am wanting confirmation I haven't gone completely crazy.

I packaged the latest version of the Adobe Creative Cloud applications. I tested the deployment and it worked great. However, I noticed there were duplicate versions of 10 applications that were deployed. Thinking I did something wrong like include archived versions of applications I tried again. This isn't the case. The straight up CCP created an install with two versions.

See the example:

Adobe After Effects 2015 and 2015.3 9d293a92c2c1434783e5649a6dfd873f

Is anyone else seeing this? I see this happening with Photoshop and others as well. To get around this, I have created a simple script to remove the older duplicates and this seems to get me around the problem.

Thanks for any feedback you might have.



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@mconners Not a CCP bug.

Some releases are point releases, some are new versions of the apps.

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(From @foigus).

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The problem now is you'll need multiple EAs to track the [major version]( changes, to be able to scope accurately.

Not a big deal, even if Adobe's teams don't talk to each other, and even if they have wonky path inconsistencies...

/Applications/Adobe Yadayada CC 2015/Adobe Yadayada CC 2015
/Applications/Adobe Yadayada CC 2015.x/Adobe Yadayada CC
/Applications/Adobe Yadayada CC 2015.x/Adobe Yadayada CC

Yea, they're kind of all over the place. A few minutes setting up the right EAs can save you a world of hurt.



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...Except our entire custom workflow needs to be repackaged and looked at when they do something like this. Also you can't do a switcheroo and rename / move things, it massively complained.

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@djdavetrouble yep, totally agree...if your shop has an Adobe Gold agreement, I'd open a formal ticket.

Adobe's teams are so out of sync with each other...and as developers and managers come and go, shifting gears, and not sticking around long enough to suffer the impact of bad decisions, it becomes the next person's problem.

Its a rotating door over there, with not a lot of oversight...thank goodness we have @kagibson to enable us with CCP (etc.), just wish he had more power/oversight to keep these gun-slinger splinter groups in check.