Another Newbie Mistake! Hope for easy fix

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Thanks guys you have been a big help so far. So I built an image and thought I was doing the right thing but getting the updates it needed before building an image out of it. So for iPhoto, numbers and I think keynote it used my apple ID to update. Now when users go to update there apps my ID is hardcoded in that app and only it can update. I know I know should have known better. Easy fix?


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I think Jamfnation article #9159 is helping with that:

The issue is the MAS-receipt: /Applications/
"evarona" did some "research" on that. Hope it helps!

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Here is another method which I'm using that is nice (Thanks Rich!).

The result here is no Apple ID associated and so updated versions can either be pushed or offered in Self Service
or end user can download from app store with their own apple id

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You definitely want to test each app before you offer it in Self Service if you use Rich's neat trick. I use it for certain apps, but certain apps just do not work right and will not launch and complain of being broken because they will not run without a receipt.

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The accepted method for App Store Apps is to download with an institutional Apple ID and package with Composer.
When a new version comes out, download the new version with institutional ID and push or offer it in Self Service.(bypassing the App Store). I usually include a script that removes the old version before installing the new app.

I use this method for most apps, though for iWork and iLife I am testing Rich's method because this would be primarily for apps included at imaging and I like the idea of not tying anything in my initial image to an Apple ID.
So far this method has worked in Mavericks for iLife and iWork.

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What Sandy says is correct.

Just a problem when managing macs where VPP doesn't exist.

We came up with a "workaround" as per: