Apache Tomcat 8.5 won't stop. JSS not accessible for test environment?

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We recently had an IP conflict caused by our NetScaler Gateway which caused our JAMF test server to lost it's internet connection. This has since been resolved. However since then I've not been able to access the JSS via web browser. Also I am totally unable to stop Apache Tomcat. I keep getting a 1053 error. I've tried running a repair but to no avail. I have a support ticket open with JAMF and despite not supporting test environments they have been kind enough to request my server logs etc. to try and give me a clue, but still waiting to hear back on this so thought I'd put this to the community to see if any of my fellow JAMF admins have any clues? Has anyone seen this happen before or have any guidance? Any help appreciated.


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@jamfjosh21 What are you hosting your Jamf Server on? Mine is on Windows Server 2019, could you kill the Tomcat process? Mine is in a VM so I usually stop tomcat, stop MySQL, backup the SQL DB, take a Snapshot, preform my Jamf upgrade, start services. If anything goes wacky, I can roll back my DB or roll back to a snap of my VM. Usually merge snaps after a few days.