App update not working

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The latest version of the app is not updating in In JAMF Pro I have selected
Schedule Jamf Pro to automatically check iTunes for app updates
Automatically update app description, icon, and version in Jamf Pro

But the apps are not updating, I have to manually change the short version. I was told by JAMF tech support that v 10.21 fixes this issue and is being deployed in June 2020. As a result, many of our users are having issues because they have outdated apps, ie Google Classroom, Slides, Docs, Khan Academy etc...anyone have a workaround until June?


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Interesting, I’ve got this marked as a Apple bug from Apple Care

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I have a support ticket open with Jamf for this problem too. Even changing the short name manually is still producing errors in my Jamf Pro logs. Things like document collaboration with Pages, Numbers and Keynote simply doesn't work. Neither does our School Information app. Not so good when we are on lockdown.

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@KathyTen There are numerous threads already open for this issue. This one has a handy script that uses the api to update the app version numbers(Short Version). In regards to the 10.21 upgrade If you're on Jamf Cloud it's being installed this weekend(5/8 & 5/9). Not sure who told you the June timeframe.

@psav If you're receiving errors after updating the version number then you have something else going on. I would check that you're updating the correct field as you described using Short Name(vs. Short Version). Most likely just a fat fingered typing mistake, but I would double check that you haven't entered numbers into the Bundle Identifier field for instance.