App Updates issue

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Good morning.

I have a student that is having issues with PDF Expert missing from his iPad. It started doing this several weeks ago. I can't see anything wrong with the groups he is assigned to in JSS. We can go into Self Service and re-install the app, but I don't see why it is being un-installed in the first place.
The other students are not seeing this issue.

When I look at his device history, I see that PDF Expert is being installed multiple times. Does this look normal to you guys?

The other issue is that once we have PDF Expert installed, it tends to display "Loading..." on the iPad and isn't available until it has finished fully installing, even though we recently installed it.

All help is very appreciated.c8ecf0a5a7ca406499280ba791bfd4f1


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Multiple sites, vpp tokens? If so, chance that there are version differences between instances of same app? If yes, probably speak to your TAM to see if hot fix (to 9.97) fits your situation. We've definitely been seeing this for some time and hope that recently applied hot fix helps with this situation.

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I've seen this problem when either: 1) there were no more available app licenses; 2) the app catalog was trying to install an older version of the app; or 3) the iOS needed an upgrade.

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I've been seeing this problem for some of our apps too. The same update(s) try to install every night. Plenty of licenses for the apps available, app catalog showing the correct updated app versions, iOS on iPads is v10.2.1... (although I know v10.3 was just released...maybe that'll fix it?).

I'm still running JSS 9.97...holding off on 9.98 until some of the other app update issues have been fixed (see this post and this other post for reports of app update issues with JSS 9.98).