Apple Business Manager - Precedence of MDM server


Now I'm migrating from Jamf to Intune. However, in my ABM preference session 'Default MDM server' showing as 'Jamf Pro' and kept as it is. And I'm changing the MDM server manually to 'Intune' by searching the device under device section for testing purpose. Now my question is which will take precedence here, Is that Jamf or Intune MDM server? And any impact to the environment in case if I change the 'Default MDM server' to 'Intune'. Kindly clarify it. Thanks for understanding


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In Apple Business/School Manager under settings you can set your default MDM Server.




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What ever server that is assigned to the individual device will be the MDM server assigned during enrollment. The default server is only assigned when the device is initially added to ABM. So, if the computer is assigned to your Jamf server when it was added by the vendor and then you manually change it to Intune, it will use Intune during enrollment. 



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The individual device MDM server assignment will take precedence, default just means when it comes in from apple or a reseller it goes into your that server by first by default, but you can manually change it as well.