Apple mail app auto config using configuration profiles

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I am trying to setup a configuration profile to auto setup the Apple mail app on the iPhone with our company Office 365 mail account. I have the configuration Exchange ActiveSync profile setup and it does do everything i'm looking for but one thing. When the user goes to open the Apple mail app it doesn't prompt for their password. The account profile is there and it's just missing the password part. I am relatively new to this platform so just looking for a suggestion that would help with this. I am really trying not turn on the ability of the user to login with there Apple account if at all possible.


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I was never able to pop up password on the device either. You manually have to direct the user to go to Settings > General > Passwords & Accounts menu to enter the password.

After enabling two factor authentication, we completely ditched Apple mail client because it never prompted to re-enter password when AD password was changed on the account.

We are currently using Outlook app. We are using App Config feature so that it will pull users email address via Jamf via AD automatically when the device is enrolled.

Outlook app works much better with Office 365.

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Hey, if you want to do that you can create/edit configuration profile by opening "Exchange ActiveSync" and edit "Account name" the name u want to use (you can type like "Your Company Mail" or similar), "Exchange Activesync Host" should be, "Domain" blank, and on "USER" and "EMAIL ADDRESS" you must write on both fields $EMAIL and than it should work. Give it a try. All the best


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@Modrusic Did u tried? If its correctly configured It should pop up a password login for your users when they open settings on the device...

For me the password field pops up but it doesn't take my password. :(

Yeah i'm seeing the same issue, regarding the password not being accepted :(