Apple Mail Setting Change with Office 365/Exchange?

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Hi -

We're getting ready to convert our Exchange users from on-site Exchange (2010) to Office 365 email over the next few months. We've migrated about 200 users so far, and most of the complaints we got from Mac users were about the server re-configs. I found the forum post for re-configuring Microsoft Outlook which I'm tweaking and planning to implement, but we found another pain point: Apple Mail users. There are a lot more of them than we thought - which makes us wonder of our 7,000+ users to migrate, how many of them are using Apple Mail on their Macs.

Thus, I'm wondering if there is a way/script that we could use to either re-configure the settings, or just flat out drop the account from their configuration and re-configure?

We plan to deploy both scripts (Apple Mail or Outlook) as a Self Service policy, and have users run it once they've been converted, rather than trying to force a setting change on them.

However, if anyone's done this recently and has any other thoughts as to how to make this process smooth as silk for our users, we'd appreciate thoughts.



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We ended up telling users to remove/re-add the account in Apple Mail. Seemed to be the quickest/simplest way.

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Sorry I am late but may be it can help others. Configuring email account can be done by ConfigProfiles. If you delete old configuration and deploy the configprofile, it would auto configure and it doesn't need any manual work.