Apple school manager and Multiple MDM servers

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I am considering adding our testing server (not externally facing) to our ASM instance to facilitate testing DEP workflows. We currently have all newly purchased devices automatically assigned to our production server. I would like to keep that and just manually reassign a few test machines to the testing server. Has anyone done this? If so, are there any pitfalls that you ran into that I might avoid? Thanks in advance for your help.



@m.donovan If i'm understanding the question correctly, then this sounds like what I am currently doing in ASM. I have 4 production MDM servers tied to our production Jamf environments and 1 MDM server that is tied to our "Dev" Jamf environment that I use for testing API scripts.

I haven't ran into any issues with it, I can move devices freely between the production and dev MDM servers. I just wipe any devices I move between servers and enroll them again using DEP.