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Can someone please explain the AirPlay settings for Apple TV i.e. Restrict AirPlay destinations
(Only known AirPlay destinations will be available to the device) this option takes device ID. I couldnt find the device ID of my iPad there is a device id for Apple TV but there is no device id for iPad. iPad only has SNo., UDID, WiFi Macc addressand bluetooth address, what would be considered as iPad device ID ? Although I had tried Wifi MAC addres but this option is not working.


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I believe you add in the device ID from the Apple TV into this profile. You then scope the profile to the iPads in which you want to communicate with the Apple TV specified.

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You need the UDID of the AppleTV. Once you get the ATV enrolled in JAMF, then it will report the UDID to you.


I have just recently done this.

All you need to do is enrol the Apple TV using an enrolment profile via Configurator to add it to Casper, set up the Apple TV as per normal. So set your region, AirPlay Password, conference mode etc.

To do so, start Configurator and power on your TV, once the status light stops flashing, connect the Apple TV to your computer via micro USB. This should get Configurator to pop up the Apple TV assistant, if not press CMD+4 and this will bring it up. Follow the prompts to enrol the TV. If you intend to use the Apple TV and connect it via Wireless, make sure to create a profile with a wireless payload with the info as well.

Search for the TV in the JSS and record the password that you set on the Apple TV in the device info page.

Once done, you can then go to your MDM profile and add it to the "Restrict AirPlay destinations" or "Specify passwords for known AirPlay destinations". Since the Apple TV is in Casper, all you need to do is add it to the profile and distribute it to your devices, this will pre-populate the password for the device, so when you try to connect using a device that has the list of passwords, you will not be prompted for one.

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Is it possible to change the Airplay password for the Apple TV using Casper?

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I am not sure but till last time I checked it wasn't. It only update the password in user devices via configuration profiles. To change password on Apple TV you need to change it by attending Apple TV. Is there any other remote way of doing it ? Most probably not.



You are correct, at current I do not think there is any known way of changing the airplay password via Casper, apart form going to the device with a remote. Changing the password in Casper just reflects what password can be used via an MDM profile.


@jturnage You're correct. We just got done configuring an Apple TV this way. The device lookup (small box with 3 dots) will allow you to search the name of the device which auto-fills the address. As far as connecting to the iPads you just have to scope the profile to those iPads you want to connect to it.