Apps will not install after enrollment of iPad

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Yesterday I restored from an iCloud backup onto XXXXXXXXXXXX
The Restore finished normally, but the core apps that were scheduled for installation never went through after several attempts. I did a hard reboot of the iPad. Still no apps.

• Other commands go through with no issues. • Inventory update completes normally.
• All apps have enough licenses left to install according to the JSS.
• The iPad is logged into our internet filter portal

I formatted the iPad.

I set up as new iPad and authenticated with OD as card/card.

It still didn't work. All app installations are pending in JSS with the message

"Pending - Application is not available to install"

Today I tried restoring onto a different iPad - XXXXXXXXXXXX - same results.

Any ideas as to why this is no longer working?



We see this all the time in our environment. We have seen it take some times as long as a day for the apps to install. I know Yesterday I tested this for JAMF and it took an hour and half to get the APPS. If you wait you should see the apps get installed.

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I talked to JAMF support. There was an issue with the VPP assignments.

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@spif_spaceman Self Service 9.70?

I thought 9.93 was current on iOS.. at least I think it's newer than 9.70 now.

Keynote should be 3.0.5.

I'm wondering if it's due to these being older versions of the apps.