Auto Populate username / short name in VPN profile

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I'm trying to setup a Configuration Profile to setup a VPN profile for each user automatically.
All works expect I can't work out how to auto populate the username.
I've seen old post relating to using either %short_name% or $Username but when I try these in the profile the text above is entered.
Using Sierra OS if that makes any difference?



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Hi @neilpotter

I'm using $USERNAME <all uppercase> in the account section and it works just fine. But I have to deploy the VPN profile after I assign the device to the user so it has the correct username.

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Thanks @LarryH

At the moment our setup has no users listed in JAMF, and all settings are at a computer level.
My profile is created ok for each and every user that logs in.

Should I really be looking at setting up users within JAMF do you think, or is there a way of pushing this profile once a users has logged in?

I'm assuming my policy os creating a systemwide VPN profile maybe?