Auto Uneroll Devices that Havent checked-in The Last 6 months

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Im looking for a way to auto unenroll devices that have no checked-in within the last 6 months. I know I can create a report for this and throw it on the dashboard so I see it. But the process to go in is still manual. I am looking for a way to automate that. Any ideas?


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Are you planning to delete the computer record from the DB or just turn them to unmanaged?

One idea, create a Smart Computer Group with that criteria and then have a local script to either delete the computer record or turn it unmanaged for that group.
The script could then be run manually or automated via a LaunchAgent.

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We use smart groups with different criteria for that purpose, and a script that uses the API to fetch the members of the smartgroups and delete them. The framework stays on the client, but that is unavoidable since the devices anyhow do not report any more, so we can not do a cleanup.