Backdating Catalina PPPC MDM settings in to a profile that are already out on Mojave machines


Just in case anyway has tried or experienced this:-

we have a good number of machines on S, HS, and Mojave and are just about to do our first clean up run on our first Catalina build. we have a mature Mojave TCC MDM profile that is in place and I notice that Catalina has introduced more TCC options, my question is bearing in mind we like profiles to span OS's if they can:

if I was to put in settings related to the extra Catalina PP in our main TCC profile to be picked up by new Catalina build but is also already applied to existing Mojave machines; will they be disregarded when the machine upgraded in place to Catalina. I think what I have in my mind is that when PCCC first came out for Mojave we were told that you can't apply it to HS machines and then upgrade them as the setting wont be honoured.

has any one tried this or have experience, if we need a TCC profile for both it would be nice to know now then find out later it was all pointless,