Best practice for migrating JSS 9.82 from RedHat to Windows running JSS 9.96

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Hi guys i just want to get some ideas/best practice for our migration.
Currently our JSS is running on RedHat 6.7, running JSS 9.82 and we want to decommission the server and migrate our JSS database to a windows server. The windows server is already configured with JSS 9.96
Do we need to upgrade JSS first on the RedHat server from 9.82 to 9.96 and then move the database over to windows or can i just garb the database as it is (running JSS 9.82) and move it across?

Any help appreciated



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Why not just contact your Jamf support REP and schedule a time where they can walk you through it?

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I agree with ooshnoo: work with your TAM on this, but I recently tried both methods: - restore 9.82 to new 9.82 instance then upgrade new box to 9.96 (did not work)
- upgrade old box to 9.96 then backup/restore to 9.96 on new box (worked)

I was not switching platforms but rather replacing the hard drive and upgrading OS in the process. Make sure to use the same base version of SQL was my TAM's main advice.

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Not 100% certain but my guess would be that with some of the added features since 9.82 there is a likelihood that there are some new tables in the database. If it were me, I'd first update the current JSS to 9.96 so any changes that need to be made to the database are implemented. Then I'd export/import.

I'm not a whiz on certificates, but wonder if there will be any issues there getting the clients to trust the new server?

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I would also contact your TAM.

But speaking from experience and if my memory serves correct, I've done two major upgrades.

  1. Moving from Mac OS X Server to Ubuntu Server LTS 10
  2. Migrating from Ubuntu Server v10.x LTS to v14.x LTS, going from JSS v8.x to JSS v9.x

In both scenarios, if I remember, I ensured the JSS version database that was being restored or migrated to had to have the same JSS version installed. Once the database was restored, all settings should be there, including certificates. Then I would upgrade the JSS version. I've never tried it on Windows Server, but I would think the same workflow would apply.

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Thanks guys

Ill speak to my TAM and ask them the best way to handle this..

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@gerald.fernando Did you make any progress on this? I'm doing a similar thing but moving from 9.82 on a RHEL 5.8 to a new server running RHEL 7.2. And because of the fact my server is an older OS I can't update to the latest JSS pre-migration.